Some of the Turnkey projects developed by INTELPRO SAS

INTELPRO SAS has developed turnkey projects throughout the Colombian Caribbean coast, in the interior of the country, and even in territories such as Dubai, Nigeria, the Philippines, Haiti and Guyana, among others. We have expert staff in the management and administration of projects, we are ready build the most suitable solution for your needs; Get in contact with us, send us your inquiries and we will be happy to assist you..

Biocosta: Process Instrumentation and Electrical Setup for Santa Marta Biodiesel Plant

Project developed in 2016 at the BIODIESEL plant of BIOCOSTA GREEN ENERGY S.A.S. located in Santa Marta, Colombia. The scope of the project included:

  • Assembly of electrical wiring and control connections
  • Assembly and commissioning of Instrumentation, Control and OSBL equipment for BIODIESEL plant located in Santa Marta, Colombia.


 Internexa: Electrical Load expansion for Telecommunications Nodes

Project developed in 2014 in the Telecommunication nodes of INTERNEXA (company of the ISA group), the scope of the project included the Expansion of the Electrical capacity of the Telecommunications Nodes of Chambacú (Barranquilla) and Nogales (Cartagena); Including all the electrical supply, laying of electrical networks, installation, connection and commissioning of Plant and Electrical Boards for new Substation.


Isagen: Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and maintenance of wind measurement masts, instruments and Dataloggers

With ISAGEN we have been working for several years in the supply, installation and maintenance of braced lattice masts of 80m and 100m height for wind measurement studies, in different parts of the Guajira territory.


 Ecopetrol: Automation and Communications Equipment for Cartagena Refinery

We are suppliers of high demand customers such as ECOPETROL, to whom we have recently supplied Automation, Communications and Measuring Instruments equipment for the Cartagena refinery.

Prodeco: Monitoring of bearing temperatures of the belt system pulleys in the PNSA mine

With PRODECO we have developed several projects, one of the most outstanding has been the turnkey project for the temperature control of bearings in the pulleys of the belt system in the PNSA mine, developed in 2015, for which a temperature sensors in each of the belt bearings and the connection to the DCS system that was installed in the mine was made for monitoring.

Proficol: Supply and installation of DCS control system with SIMATIC PCS7 for Propanil Synthesis Plant.

Turnkey project with high technological demand, within its scope included:

  • Process Control from start to finish based on batch system with PCS7 V8.0.
  • Change from the Profibus DP network to Profibus iSP.
  • Implementation of S7-400 technology with Profibus networks for distributed systems ET-200iSP.
  • Installation of SITRANS P500 sensors.
  • Level Measurement with SITRANS LVS200 sensors


Pacific Stone: Supply and Installation of Electrical and Electronic infrastructure for quicklime plant

For the PACIFIC STONE quicklime plant we performed all the electrical and process Instrumentation supply, including:

  • Assembly of electrical and control connections
  • Automation of crushing and grinding furnaces
  • Implementation of S7-300 technology with Profibus networks for distributed systems ET-200M.
  • Level measurement with SITRANS LR560 sensors
  • Installation of MicroMaster 440 drives.
  • Installation of Sentron Pac 3200
  • DP / PA Coupler installation.


Sugranel: Installation of electrical, control and electrical network for the illumination system

Executed at the Vichada plant in 2011, it included all the supply and installation of the Electric, data and electrical networks for the illumination system for the Burrunay project.


Tropical Coffee: Control System Assembly for Green Coffee Silos

Complete assembly of the automation and control system on the ​​green coffee silos area. This Project was carried out at the Tropical Coffee plant in Santa Marta, in 2011