Design, Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning of the wind measurement masts and all their instruments

Our main product in this sector are the braced lattice masts, hot dip galvanized. We are manufacturers of the masts, booms and accessories, we are also allies and direct representatives of the main brands of anemometers, wind vanes, data loggers, beacons and other instruments required for the wind measurement campaigns.

We fully support our clients on their wind measurement projects, from the bare beginning up to the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the stations.

Colombian regulations for safety at work





Our Policy of Safe work at heights includes:

  • Identification and control of possible risks (physical, biological, chemical, mechanical and critical risks.)
  • Medical exams for all the technicians
  • Social security system affiliations for all the employees
  • Training and certification for safe work at heights according to Colombian Regulations
  • Security personnel present during the erection of the towers

Response Time and Capacity

We have the right personnel and the propper tools, vehicles, safety equipment and knowledge of the regions where most of the masts are installed ready to provide you a quick and effective response in hard to reach areas.

Experience and Qualified staff

In our years of experience we have installed masts in different areas of the country, we accompany our clients from the initial planning visit to the final deployment of the tower with its instruments. 

RETIE Certification

We are certified in accordance with the Technical Regulations of Electrical Installations RETIE 2013, Section 20.23.1. Resolution 90708 of August 30, 2013. Ministry of Mines and Energy for the manufacture of:


  • Load Centers
  • Electrical Distribution boards
  • Automatic and manual Transfers
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Meter Cabinets
  • Empty envelopes for general use of up to 1000V


As Board Manufacturers, we build customized solutions for each project; Our team of Engineers and designers is responsible for collecting the necessary information and working hand in hand with the client until reaching the final design and construction of the solution.

Instruments and accessories for wind measurement masts 



We are strategic allies and representatives for Colombia of Ammonit Measurement GmbH. Pioneers in the field of Wind energy, participating since 1989 in the market with a solid line of Data Loggers, precision weather sensors, anemometers, vanes, SoDAR and LiDAR systems, as well as reliable communication and power supply systems.




Wind measurements are collected at the data logger or Datalogger, which can be equipped with internal memory for local storage and Cellular or Satellite communications modules, depending on the signal coverage present at the installation site.



Photovoltaic System

The entire system is powered by a photovoltaic system composed of Solar Panel, Batteries and Solar Charger, which is custom designed for the station, taking into account the amount of instruments and the incidence of sun among other factors.


Anemometers measure the horizontal wind speed (velocity). This parameter is crucial for any wind site assessment. Cup anemometers are the general standard type of anemometer. They are robust and resistant to turbulence and skew winds caused by masts and traverses. Each anemometer should be individually calibrated and equipped with a certified calibration report according to international standards (e.g. MEASNET). At least two anemometers have to be installed on a met mast. Most anemometers can be equipped with electronically regulated heating

Wind Vanes

Wind vanes determine wind direction. Evaluation of the wind direction enables the best possible positioning of wind turbines. Ammonit wind vanes offer an excellent, fine resolution of 1°, while having very low energy consumption. It is essential that a wind vane covers an entire 360° degree radius, without a north gap. Cheaper wind vanes often have lower quality internal electro-mechanic fittings, which limit their life span, and a considerable north gap. Most wind vanes can be equipped with electronically regulated heating. Digital (TMR) and potentiometric wind vanes are available.

Obstruction Lights

Met masts increasingly reach heights that require the application of obstacle lights to protect air traffic. National regulations regarding installation of obstacle lights differ largely from country to country.

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